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Our Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment standards (QHSSE) meet stringent local and international guidelines and are a core part of Majis’ operating culture.

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Our assets employ best-in-class technology to deliver products to our clients. From construction to delivery, each project has a tailor-made QHSSE action plan to ensure that quality meets and exceeds client expectations and requirements.

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Majis and its vendors are in compliance with ministry of Manpower decision No. 286. Furthermore, at operational level, Majis and OSWS’ integrated management systems comply with unified certification, compliant with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSHA18001 standards and last re-certified in July 2019. All project sites have access to on-site health facilities, emergency response resources, and Health and Safety awareness materials. To date, we have a zero-fatality rate, and LTIF at less than 0.93, demonstrating robust and effective QHSSE practices.Our QHSSE and risk management plans focus on continuity of service and we provide 24/7 support to clients in the event of incidents or emergencies. We have contingency plans in place in the event of disruptions, including on-demand potable water supply by tanker, running chlorination plants at maximum capacity in the event of algal bloom, and sewage collection by tanker in the event of network disruption.

Protecting Our Ecosystem


We deliver low-impact desalination operations across the water lifecycle and deploy renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint and comply with M.o.E. regulation. Solar power accounts for 9% of energy input for our operations resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon emissions. Majis is now exploring additional opportunities for introducing both solar and hydro power to its operations, further reducing our impact on the environment.Our effluent management process abides by local water environment standards while meeting industrial demands, with recycling reaching up to 90%. Meanwhile, our ongoing tree-planting scheme across the company’s concession areas – which to date covers 0.5 HA – will result in a material CO2 offset.

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Majis invests in the development of staff and local communities. Social responsibility is embedded in its business model. We invest over OMR 50,000 every year in CSR initiatives including an ice factory for food security, sports facilities for the community, and handcraft enterprise workshops to support female business owners.Moreover, the Company is committed to driving development in Oman through engagement of local SMEs and related services, enforcing mandatory requirements for the utilisation of Omani products in projects (no less than 10% of project value), R&D using expertise of local universities and students, and a first-class training system for new graduates.Majis operates at a 90% Omanization rate and is a proud member of the largest employment providing area in Oman.